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About Me

My name is Kanishka Sarangi, an IT Consultant by profession, a photographer by heart. While technology interests me, photography keeps my heart pumping. Life for me is more of an unraveled mystery and I would like to keep mine that way. I held my first camera at a very young age, there was no reason to it, just that I would often accompany my Late Grandfather in his passionate photographic endeavours. His love for photography passed on to me and they say, it’s no joke!

I love capturing those special moments that take my breath away, be it a tiny jumping spider gazing on me, or a leopard limbering on a canopy. Being amidst nature is something that I admire the most, hence photographing it, is of utmost importance to me. With the drastic invasion of technology into our lives, we have forgotten the world we come from, the purity still survives in small patches. It’s my sincere endeavour to photograph and document what is left of it, Besides nature, i love photographing people. The smallest smiles, make the biggest pains go away. I help you capture those memories, those moments, that you can cherish for life. After all, life is too short, lets live it to the fullest!  



© Kanishka Sarangi

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