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Updated: Dec 8, 2019

What camera do you use for your photography? Does this lens work for street photography? These are kind of questions that i have been asked several times, and there is no end to it. While i do say that gear is an integral part of photography but i also state that there is lot more to it than just the gear. This topic is debatable and incessant, however let me explain by giving you an example.

A common man (not that he is a racer of any sort) buys a Ferrari and drives it on a crowded street, expects to find its true potential. by driving from Point A to B in no time. There are two things that can be inferred out of this:

  1. The man is a fool, If he wants to enjoy the full potential of a race car, it has to be driven on a race track.

  2. Had his thought process been right, he would have understood the fact that the street was crowded, and under such circumstances, a Ferrari is equal to a Toyota more or less. And he needs driving skills more than a specific car type.

The same theory applies to buying camera equipments. Not everyone needs to buy the greatest and latest equipment to deliver excellent results. Every genre in photography has its own specifics and sometimes a modest combination can give equally good outputs. For example, we can use a relatively cheaper equipment to shoot streets, while shooting wildlife, sports, demands a lot more. It would be foolishness, to buy a high resolution top of the line camera for shooting streets.

Again, please note, i would love to own the best in the market (who would not like to own a Ferrari), however, we are just evaluating the need in general terms.

All right, like i said this shall go on and on. Let us get into my gear, and the reason i have them in my bag.


I do wildlife and Street (people) predominantly. I have used different cameras with time, upgraded when possible. Below are the cameras that i have owned in the past few years,

  1. Nikon D810 - The best i have ever owned, loved the image quality. Never had a need to upgrade.

  2. Nikon D750 - This is again the best camera for the money any one can have. Love the low light capabilities, fast autofocus, and the image quality. I still recommend this camera handsdown in 2019, although it is 5-6 yrs old as of date.

  3. Sony A6000 - I bought this in 2017. To be honest, there was no particular reason to go for this specific model. I needed something to shoot 1080p video, compact and that i could carry on my bike trips for some casual shoots. For the budget i had, the internet was all ga-ga about this one, and i opted for it.

  4. Nikon D7100 -This was the camera i started wildlife with. Loved it, but eventually i upgraded and had to sell it off.

  5. Nikon D90 - A loaner from my uncle, which was the first digital i ever used.

  6. Ashican - This was the first chinese film camera (point and shoot) my father bought me when i was a kid.

  7. Sony A6000 - bought this for video and when i want to travel light.


The Glass is an important investment in photography. There should be no compromise in buying good glass. Below is the list that i have owned in my years of photography. Please note, i have not collected it overnight, not everone can, because good glass is expensive.

  1. AF-S Nikkor 200-500MM F/5.6E ED VR - My primary wildlife lens at the moment, does amazing results.

  2. Nikkor 300 f4 AF-S prime coupled with a 1.4TC - This was another lens in my arsenal, amazingly sharp comparable to its bigger brothers (500F4 G)

  3. Nikkor 24-120 F4G - For my street and genral purpose

  4. Nikkor 85mm 1.8 G - For Portraiture

  5. Nikkor 50mm 1.8 G - The Nifty-Fifty is always in my bag no matter where i go.

  6. Nikkor 35mm 1.8 G - Great for street and portraiture.

  7. Tamron 15-30 2.8G2 - An amazingly sharp lens better than the Nikon equivalent.

  8. Tamron 90mm Macro - For macro work

  9. Sony Emount 16-50 kit lens

  10. Sony Emount 50mm 1.8 OSS


For all the investment we do in the equipments, its always advisable to invest on a good case to carry the above. Gear gets beaten up badly in transit, on the field, hence to safegaurd it should be our utmost priority. I have owned a number of bags, and use three bags currently.

  1. Lowepro Prorunner 350AW - I started with Lowepro with this particular model . Lowepro is sturdy, takes a beating and will last you for years, i can vouch on that.

Lowepro Promessenger 180AW - Loved this one, a very unobtrusive messenger bag. I mainly used it for my street and portraiture work.

Lowepro Tahoe BP 150 - A perfect bag that can work as a daypack. Do check my review on this one. I currently use this.

Lowepro Passport sling3 - A sling bag perfect for travel and can be used as a genral bag as well. I love the design of this bag. A review shall come soon. I currently have this in my arsenal.

Lowepro Prorunner 450AW - The bigger brother of the 350, carries all the stuff for my wildlife expedition. very ergonomic and comfortable when packed with bigger primes. A review is on the cards. I currently have this in my arsenal.


Tripod - Vanguard Altapro 263AT

ND Filter - Hoya 10stop 77mm


Macbook pro 13inch 2014 model

Windows - Dell inspiron 5558

Monitor - Dell Ultrasharp U2415 100% SRGB

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