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The Mighty Fujifilm XPRO3...

Hello everyone welcome to Myname is Kanishka and I am a street and documentary photographer. This website is all about photography and travel. Lately i gifted myself a fujifilm xpro3 and also the xc 35mm f2. I had made couple of videos, on my initial expressions, setting up the xpro3 etc. I shall share the link of the vidoes on youtube, you may check them if you like. Now its been 4 months that I have used the camera quite rigorously and I do have quite a bit to say about it.

We will divide this article into 4 categories that shall define the review of this camera:

XPRO lineup and audience it caters to:

Fuji xpro3 has come a long way as a product in comparison to its ancestors the xpro2 and xpro1. As the name suggests, its built to cater to the professional category of users with its top of the line build (Titanium), dual card slots, amazing focusing etc. Also, the camera sits on the top of Fuji X Line up with respect to its pricing. Having said that, I must mention that the camera is not for everyone. Well, don’t get me wrong, its a perfectly capable camera but then xpro3 is a range finder style camera, designed majorly for street/documentary photographers. The ergonomics, the folded back rear screen, the Hybrid view finder make up for a more laid back style, where time is not of essence. Now, you can use it for anything you want, hell, you can shoot sports with it, the internals would still support you. But then, in essence this is not a camera designed keeping in mind fast action shooters.

The rear screen folded inwards, takes us back to the old film days, where the film camera just had rear pouch to insert a small cover-card, to remind the photographer of the film speed . There was no instant gratification since the films had to be washed. The same thought has gone into the xpro3 where you don’t review the images on the go, “Chimping as they say”. I mean, it takes a bit to pull out the screen after every shot to review the same. You are better off reviewing the images later and rather concentrate on the field. At least that’s what this camera is all about.

Specs and Build-

The XPRO3 is known for its robust and premium build. I can vouch on that. I can even say, there are not many cameras of this category that can match the build quality of xpro3. So hats off to Fuji for that. The camera comes in three variants, all have a tungsten top and base plate. Two of which have an extra layer of coating to prevent even the biggest of scratches. Mine is the base version which is the pure black. The camera comes with the 26mp sensor, with very good ISO capabilities. I push the camera until 4000 ISO, beyond that it gets a little too rough for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, this is a crop sensor camera, so let’s be realistic. If low light photography is your thing then I would direct you towards the full frames. Fuji is a different breed and there are other parameters which make it so desirable. If you are looking for a camera which shall last you for years, which not only make you a better photographer but give you a thoroughly enjoyable experience, look no where else.

Let’s talk about the Hybrid viewfinder. If you ask me, I love the optical viewfinder in addition to the electronic viewfinder. I come from a DSLR background, and somehow still favour the clarity of the OVF’s over the EVF. Off-course, I don’t deny the advantages of an EVF, I am not ignorant of that. However, I still somehow like the overall experience of an OVF and for people like me, not many mirrorless cameras let you enjoy the best of both worlds. I think only another camera that gives you this ability is the Fuji X100 series. The EVF is large and brilliant, a definite upgrade over the XPRO2. I am so spoilt that it hinders me to use my other fuji camera the xt30 which has a significantly low res EVF. For all OVF users, the OVF in XPRO3 has another screen in the corner that lets you see the depth of field. This helps in areas where we use apertures like 1.4 and the smaller screen in corner gives the preview of the DOF. This ability wasn’t known in the older XPRO models. For some, it may be a gimmick but not for me. Like I said earlier, this camera is a very specialised camera, and is made for people who know their trade and would use the camera to their fullest.

Image Quality and Other thoughts:

In general, the image quality out of any fujifilm camera especially the jpegs are phenomenal and the xpro3 is no exception. It inherits the same sensor as that of the fuji xt3 which is a tried and tested sensor, hence this shall not hold you back in anyway. Now, the highlights of this camera is a new film simulation called the Classic Negative. I love it and I am sure you would as well. Like I said earlier, I don’t push this camera beyond 4000 ISO. That might be a limitation for some, but again, if you are a low light shooter, you are better off with any full frame cameras. I need not mention the lovely colours out of the fuji sensor. The iso capability can be countered with the fast fuji primes, and their excellent sharpness. I mean, the entire fuji ecosystem is brilliant. I don’t know how should I express my love for this system, but I can tell you, more than the image per say, the experience of making that image, that this camera gives you makes you fall for it. That is what I call Fuji magic, and the xpro3 is so beautiful, I have to use that word, the shutter sound, the feel of holding this camera..oh what can I say! All right I should stop here, before you think something else… I have clicked numerous images in the salt four months, but here are some of my favourites from this camera.

What else, should I speak about..The autofocusing..this review won’t be complete without it. One word, brilliant. I mean, let’s be honest, this is not a camera for shooting sports. I don’t deny of the fact that you can still do sports. The autofocusing is brilliant enough for anything you put at it. But

for me as a street and documentary photographer, it’s the best camera I can own, Period

Here are some of the images shot with the fuji xpro3:

Last words:

Fujifilm XPRO3 is a perfect street and documentary camera. It is a Niche camera for a specific set of people. Either you love it or you hate it. Especially the price you pay is higher as compared to its siblings. But for me its totally worth it. If you are an all round photographer, who shoots little bit of everything, you are better off with the XT4, given its video capabilities and other aspects of the camera. But then if you are like me, who loves to make images, loves a camera which does the basics right, one who loves the entire experience of making an image and not just the image itself, look nowhere else..

If you want to check out some more images cliked by me with this camera, check out the below links:

I hope this write up shall help you make a decision if you are a prospective buyer. Also, if you have any questions please feel free to DM me on my instagram handle. I shall be more than happy to help you out!

Until next time....

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